News at the Mews in Bayfield

The following shows a snippet of how the Mews was decorated prior to Christmas, over 60 trees carried the LED lighting. Each owner has a tree lit in the front of their home; this preparation is all done by the many volunteers that are delighted in making the Mews a spectacular place to view these lights.

Christmas lights at the entrance
Illuminating the entrance to the Bayfield Mews.


The lights are expected to be on until the end of January so if you are in the area come by and enjoy and see  what folks have also done to their own homes.

Lighting up the season at the Mews
Lighting up the winter at the Bayfield Mews

The Aspen Townhome

Meadow Townhome

The Birch Townhome

Columbine Townhome

The Cottonwood Townhome

Rosewood Townhome

The Maple Townhome

Trillium Townhome