Construction Update 2019

Scroll down to see the beginning construction of Phase 2.

startBrickwork 2955
Brick laying has begun this week and with this fabulous weather
we are having they are making excellent progress.
Roof Trusses were installed this day; next will be the roof sheathing.
Block #12 ; framing is well underway, with two units; exterior & interior walls completed.
framing 20dec182872 600
Framing has started on Block 12.
Concrete floors have been poured.
newFoundations 2823
Foam Insulation is seen here being applied to each of the homes which will then be covered with concrete after the tubing is installed for the in floor heating system.
Pouring of footings and foundations walls are now completed
Ribbon cutting of the final phase; no wonder these folks all look so happy and on such a perfect day. Out of 16 lots there are only 4 left.
fall colours-6xx
Here is a good reason to come visit the Mews and see the colours
One of the many porches that are decorated for the Fall
group backHoe-6xx
Construction on the Final Phase has begun; these are some of the owners that are very excited.
Grading the roadway
Finishing the roadway soon to be open.
Phase 2 construction display
John & Jan are pointing to another Lot that has been SOLD;no wonder they have smiles.
Only 10 Lots left out of 55.
Road Construction
Work continues on the roadway for the Final Phase; soon to be opened.
This picture shows the new road, soon to open, under construction for the Final Phase.
Huge smiles as they are pointing at the next Block of homes to start in the Spring.
Only one Lot left in this block.  Don't miss out if you want to move in , in 2018.
panoNewwork 2291-6xx
This picture is a panoramic view of the whole site
Sanitary sewer and catch basin construction
Catch basin & piping for sanitary sewers.
Constructing sanitary sewers and catch basin
Constructing sanitary sewers and catch basin
Early image of construction on Phase2
The above picture shows the installation of the sewer pipe.
Early image of construction on Phase2
Covering the first section of sewer pipe and preparing for another length.
Early image of construction on Phase2
Materials arriving at the site for installation of the sewers, and storm sewers and water.
Early image of construction on Phase2
Merner was onsite today to begin the excavating of the 2nd phase and it couldn’t be a better day to start. Here we can see a swath that has been constructed to locate where the services will be running from the end of the first Phase north to Paul Bunyan Rd.
Clearing some of the brush, where new homes will be built.
Here is Pat, Lindsay and Bill taking a close up view of the Excavating. Part of the Supervising Team

The Aspen Townhome

Meadow Townhome

The Birch Townhome

Columbine Townhome

The Cottonwood Townhome

Rosewood Townhome

The Maple Townhome

Trillium Townhome